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Gypsy souls

La Scène (the scene in French) is a musical project that was born in 2014 in Panama City, and that has come to life thanks to the impulse of the couple formed by Ileana Gabriela Zapata and her husband Daniel Pinedo.

It is a musical group that combines Gypsy Jazz or Jazz Manouche with World music, current pop and Latin American rhythms, including the use of unconventional instruments in its formation.

It has a concept of aesthetics set over the years   30, 40, 50 and 60 with very colorful unique costumes, handmade for each show, using the recyclingtechnique .

  La Scène has a very happy performer, Gypsy , very energetic and influenced by the circus arts.

In mid-2018 Carlos Lucero joins the Cuatro, including South American and Central American rhythms to our musical style.

This is how the concept and musical style that we have now was formed over the years, our first reference being the teacher Django Reinheart (his music is the result of the fusion between swing and the gypsy musical tradition of Eastern Europe) with the name of Gypsy Jazz or Jazz Manouche.

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