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Gaby Zapata - La Scène - Singer gypsy circus

Gaby Zapata (Vocalist)

Vocalist, Composer,

Art Director of La Scène.

He began his music career at an early age at the Vicente Emilio Sojo Music Conservatory in his hometown.

With the passage of time, he developed his career in various artistic manifestations such as theater, contemporary dance, folk dance, modeling, performance and acting.



Gaby zapata

Dan Pinedo - La Scène - Guitar Gypsy circus

Daniel Pinedo (Guitar and voice)

Musical director and founder of La Scène.

Guitarist, Singer, Arranger, Producer and Composer.

He studied Bachelor of Music with a mention in Composition at the Central-Western University

Lisandro Alvarado (UCLA).

Daniel has more than 20 years of artistic career.




Daniel Pinedo

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